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About me

The day my dad let me in the darkroom as a kid it all began.  With my Pentax around my neck I stomped the streets of my hometown Portland, Oregon looking for candid slices of life.  This was Portland before the Pearl District.  When the Bloods would stop me on the street and ask why I was wearing blue jeans.  Well, I dodged their question and took their picture instead.  What a rush.

College took me to Vermont.  I traded the rain for snow.  Between studying Italian and taking my friends' money at poker, I found my way into a theater.  I auditioned for a play and the next great love of my life was born.  I couldn't get enough of acting on stage.  The excitement of making them laugh, the power of an off-off-Broadway play where you and the audience are breathing as one.  It can't be topped.  I tied the knot with my wife in 2004 and in 2005 we moved from New York to Los Angeles.  Now I'm lucky enough to play behind the camera as well as in front of it.